Founded in 2014 by Alison Legge and Christopher Noto, Elan Atelier was created to connect the artistry of handcrafted materials, furniture, lighting and objets d’art with spirited innovation and modern design. We believe in a slower form of luxury rooted in inspired originality and the integrity of time-honored techniques. Drawing on the synergy between east and west, Elan Atelier has become synonymous with aesthetic purity, meticulous craftsmanship and enduring style.

Approaching every project with the energy, passion and flair from which the atelier derives its name, Alison and Christopher bring a unique perspective and joyful celebration of global design to the collections and interiors they create, drawing together their time spent in Southeast Asia, Europe and the US, their experience in production, and their work with the world’s most esteemed brands, designers and architects, including Jaya Ibraham, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Roche Bobois, Four Seasons and Aman.

Drawn to noble materials, such as bronze, shagreen, parchment and gesso, Elan Atelier specializes in transforming the inherent qualities of these materials into designs that celebrate the alchemy of heritage and innovation, embracing the intricacies of handcrafted details and the unhurried pursuit of excellence. We celebrate the beauty of imperfections in our designs, from the natural textures of shagreen and parchment to the ever-evolving patina of our hand-cast bronzes, creating pieces that are as unique as the spaces we design.

Our story is one of continual evolution, inspired by the organic forms we craft and the community of artisans and designers we work with. Just as our designs allow space for personal expression, so too does our atelier, inviting friends to bring their designs to our platform, and highlighting personal collections from our founders. This journey extends to our pursuit of more sustainable practices, a path we are proudly forging with like-minded partners, seeking to inspire, educate and encourage our community to unite for the good of the earth.